15 photography related bucket list items

1. Photograph a ballerina

2. Photograph my grandparents

3. Newborn photos with a baby animal

4. Bridal or engagement session at Mt. Scott

5. Ranchy/Cowgirl or Rodeo Queen Shoot

6. Wedding styled shoot at the farm

7. Buy a good zoom 

8. Video a wedding

9.Video a session (cake smash, engagement, family, etc.) 

10. Shoot a roll of film

11. Attend a photography/videography workshop or conference 

12. Book a destination wedding

13. Shoot an adoption

14. Shoot a welcome video for B.Davis Photography 

15. New head shots 


15 personal related bucket list items

1. Sew 2 quilts- one for myself and one to giveaway 

2. Share a bible verse a day on social media for 30 days

3. Save $500 in $1 bills

4. Buy coffee for the person behind me

5. Volunteer

6. Take a class (floral design or calligraphy)

7. Paint the kitchen

8. Read 10 books

9. Make a 1st year married scrapbook

10. Reupholster a chair/couch with something pink

11. Capsule closet

12. Raise money during my birthday month for a community org. 

13. Host a craft party at my house 

14. Dye my hair pink or purple (temporarily)

15. Take a week off and stay at home 

P.S. If they are bolded it means they are complete! Yay!