On the Farm photography started as just a hobby of mine. I always loved going out with my brother or husband and shooting photos while they were working. It wasn't until a childhood friend contacted me about doing photos of her kiddos with their cattle for her husbands Christmas present that I started to think "hmm, would more people want this?" So, a couple of years later I started actually getting to do some on the farm photos for other clients. It is neat to know that the cattle artwork hanging in their homes is not just of some cow on some farm that you found at Hobby Lobby-- it is actually YOUR cow from YOUR farm on YOUR property hanging on YOUR wall.

I have loved having the opportunity to go out to farms and learn about their operation and their family farming history. The most interesting thing for me is seeing how differently operations are ran and all the "tricks" everyone has developed a long the way. I hope this is a piece of my business that will continue to grow in the coming years. And, don't forget-- I travel!