Magnolia Market Day Trip

Honestly-- I may or may not have tricked my husband into a trip Magnolia Market.

In October, we went took a weekend trip to Dallas for a Cowboys game. I had bought Drew tickets to the game for our first anniversary. Since we had decided to make a weekend of it, I casually mentioned that we could go to Waco on Saturday since the game was on Sunday... you know just for something fun to do since we had a whole day with nothing specific to do. 


It worked.

He agreed easily.

I loved Magnolia.

I also love Chip and Jo, so it was easy for me to love their Silo’s too! It was pretty busy when we got there even though we arrived only a few minutes after it opened. The line for the bakery was at least halfway (if not more) down the block and the checkout line for the market was also pretty long. We decided to stop at the Market first since it was probably only going to get busier at this point. 

We looked around as much as we could. Since I am like 5" nothing, everyone was cutting in front of me and I couldn't see a thing. Granted I am used to it after 29 years of this life, but it still makes for a long day when you can't see anything. 

We picked up a shirt and hat and got in line to check out. Thankfully a lady with an iPad was going down the line checking people out that was paying with a card and didn’t have large items, so we didn’t actually have to wait in the line at all to pay.


We made our way outside and checked out the bean bag chairs and swings. The food trucks were just starting to open, but since it was still a little while until lunch time we decided to find some shade and watch the people. So. Many. People. 

We debated on getting coffee at Common Grounds, but since we had just had coffee on our drive to Waco we opted out. However, the Common Grounds truck was adorable. As was the ice cream truck. 

We went over to check out the feed+seed store and I took a few pictures of the fun pumpkins that were literally everywhere. And, so pretty. (See below!) 

I wanted to go to the bakery, but didn’t want to wait in that line so we opted to hit up the bakery trailer instead, which also didn’t require a wait time. It opens at 11 a.m.

I am not sure if they have all the options as they do in the bakery, but they had cookies and cupcakes, so we were fine with that! I had a strawberry and cream cupcake and it was delightful. Totally recommend checking that out if you go and can’t get into the actual bakery!

I would love to make a trip back down to Waco (if anyone wants to go... holla!) 

It was quite busy on the day we were there and it was a tad warm. Everyone was fighting for some shade, so I think a cooler day would have been just perfect, but it was a great stop either way. 


After leaving the Silos, I thought it would be fun to check out Waco some more. We drove through Baylor's campus and then went to downtown Waco where I went down a one way street the wrong way. Needless to say, I didn't last long in downtown Waco. 

We went to eat lunch at a place called Buzzard Billy's. Now if you are thinking "that does't sound like a place I would want to eat at ..." then you are totally right. I had severe mixed emotions about Buzzard Billy's, but it was quite tasty. The food was good and the view of the Brazos River was asweome. 

I googled some other junk/vintage stores in Waco during lunch and made a few stops around town before heading back to Dallas. I avoided Downtown Waco and their one way streets like the plague, but we made it out safe and sound. 

And, made it back to Dallas with just enough time left in the afternoon for a nap. Yes, most of our vacations revolve around nap time-- and we don't hate it in the least. 

P.S. If you are going to Waco and need a friend... pick me! (Especially if you are going in the spring and feel like blue bonnets picture would be fun!)