Wedding Wednesday | Bridal Bouquets

When I was getting married, I told my mom I only had a few request. One of those request included a beautiful wedding bouquet with real flowers.

After you see some of my favorite bouquets I have shot at weddings, you will understand my obsession with beautiful blooms. (Spoiler-- if you make it to the bottom you can see my bridal bouquet made by the fabulous Kimber.) 

I mentioned last week that one of my favorite things on wedding days is the cake (for some obvious and not so obvious reasonings.) Another favorite is the flowers. 

I have always been a flower power kind of gal, but I absolutely love seeing what the bride has decided on for her flowers. I think it is such a fun representation of her personality coming through in a different medium. When I first get a glance at my brides flower picks, I automatically think "Oh, that looks just like you" -- and that is a feeling I love because I strive to get to know my brides and hope we are more friends than just her "photographer!" 

I have shot many weddings in my day, but below are a few of my favorites. Unfortunately there were a few more that I was thinking of, but I couldn't find the hard drive with those photos (i.e. Kelly Jensen and her white roses and cotton bouquet! Sad!) 

Comment below with your favorite! 

4 copy.jpg

And, as promised here is my beautiful bouquet! I am still a fan! 

I wanted a lot of texture and semi-large! I also wanted various colors and not stick specifically with my color pallet in my flowers. Mission accomplished! 

Flowers by Kimber Hendrickson; Photo by Katie Powers

Flowers by Kimber Hendrickson; Photo by Katie Powers