Friday Introductions Featuring Dally, too

Happy Friday! 

It is a sunshiny day here in Oklahoma and Dally and I are enjoying it as much as possible. We have the music turned up and windows open. Although, I am pretty sure Dally is annoyed by the birds chirping, but she is dealing with it. 

I thought I would do my Friday Introduction a little different this week. I normally do it on Instagram, but I hate to be "normal," so here we are. 

For some of my new readers, here are a few things you might or might not now about me. 

Wait. I will give you five because "a few" sounds too indefinite. 


1. My favorite color is pink, but if I am buying clothes I usually go for black. I also would rather my nails be black than any other color. I literally bought the pink shirt above just for those pictures. And, I spent a whole $4 on it. Walmart! 

2. I am thrifty. I don't buy anything unless it is on sale or I have a coupon. I also never buy anything online that doesn't have a free shipping option. 

3. No matter how many times I eat corndogs, I never remember if I like mustard or ketchup better. So, I normally end up with both! 

4. I am constantly changing the decor in our house or rearranging furniture. It is rarely the same for more than a week! 

5. While we are on decor... I am obsessed with holiday decor and our mantle. I have always wanted a mantle and when we bought the farm I FINALLY got one! And, it is huge! I have had a hard time really getting it how I want it, but I am getting there little by little. 

I couldn't leave Dally out. Here are her five fast facts (from Dally's perspective!) 

Look closely at the window ... she was keeping an eye on us during a session I had last fall! 

Look closely at the window ... she was keeping an eye on us during a session I had last fall! 


1. I love peanut butter balls. My mom makes them for me every week. She says they are good for me and she sometimes gets mad when I make a big mess eating them. But, I clean up my mess and make her happy again. 

2. I hate our orange cat, Phyllis. Whenever I see her, no matter how far away from me... I chase her. Stupid cat. 

3. I love to take Gator rides with my dad to check the cows. He is a bit of a crazy driver, but I have gotten used to it. I really like when my mom goes too, because he normally drives less crazy with my mom in the Gator with us. 

4. I love naps. Who doesn't? I especially love naps when I can spread out on the couch all by myself. Sometimes my mom tries to sit close to me, but I just push myself away from her. She thinks it is cute and funny, but really I just need my space. 

5. I don't like playing with toys. My dad tried for a long time to get me to play fetch when I first moved in with him. He finally stopped that nonsense. Do I look like the kind of girl that plays fetch? 

Dally. I just love her. She is a very unique little dog that I am really glad found us Valentine's Day 2016! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog to read today's introduction post. If you are stopping by for the first time, take a look around. 

Comment below with any blog ideas you have, questions, etc. I am always looking for suggestions on future post because I want to be posting information that you are truly interested in! 

Happy Friday, Friends! Make it a good one! 


Brenna and Dally