Maternity | Molly+Phillip

On a (super, super hot) morning in July 2017, I met up with Molly and Phillip for the sweetest maternity session ever. 

Literally they were the sweetest.

They welcomed their baby boy, Hunter, just a few weeks after their maternity session. I think you learn a LOT about a couple when you photograph them and I think (for the most part) it tells a lot about their relationship (and not just what people get to see on social media.) 

Phillip and Molly might be one of my favorite couples ever because you can truly see how much they care and love one another. My photography style is to really be as hands off as possible. I love to see people interacting naturally with each other and I only instruct couples when needed. 

These two needed no such instruction. They were perfect and natural and (again) just the sweetest couple. 

Molly and I worked together when I first moved to Stillwater and she was the most welcoming person in a new town, with a new job with new coworkers. And, I first met Phillip when I delivered some hay for their fall decorations before Molly got home from work one afternoon! haha

We found the most glorious morning light in a little place just across the street from their house. I haven't really ever had morning shoots, but mornings might be my new favorite after seeing that soft light! It also doesn't hurt when your subjects are stinking adorable.

Next week I get to take photos of that sweet boy of theirs and I can't wait. Be looking for those post coming soon!