Wedding | Chris+Cali

One year ago today I was  headed to Purcell, Okla., to photography a beautiful wedding at the Grand Canadian Theatre. How it has already been a year I have no idea ... it seems like it was just the other day! 

Chris and Cali were a true delight to photograph.

Cali and I have known each other for almost 13 years now. 

The worst part about realizing that we have known each other for that long is realizing it was almost 13 years ago when we were seniors in high school. We met at a conference where we were actually roommates for the weekend. These were the days before social media truly existed and the days before anyone and everyone could get on Facebook, so we didn't reconnect until at least a couple of years into college at Oklahoma State. We would occasionally run into each other on campus, but we were on completely opposite sides of campus so it wasn't often. 

I was so excited when Cali first messaged me on Instagram to inquiry about wedding photography. I had been crossing my fingers since I found out her and Chris had started talking about getting married that she would be interested in wedding photography. (P.S. Thanks for picking me!)

Cali is (and always have been) one of those people that just makes you feel good. I loved getting to know her again during the months before their wedding day. 

I don't think it could have gone anymore beautifully than it did. Everything from the flowers to her perfectly paired jewelry to her dress to her groom was just wonderful. 

My favorite parts of weddings has nothing to due with the wedding itself. Sure, I love all the beautiful parts, but I really love getting to know the couple and getting to hear all the wonderful things about them from their family and friends. 

Chris is such a sweet and patient man. Before we started Chris' groom photos, he asked me one question-- "When can I see Cali?" And, I think the smile on his face said it all. 

And, Cali is not only a beautiful bride, but she is so caring and kind. Her smile lights up the room and when you finish talking to her you literally feel like you could conquer the world. She was changing diapers and finding lost hangers just minutes before putting on her wedding dress. She continually was putting others before herself on her wedding day and like Chris the only questions she kept asking me was "How is Chris?" 

These two have a sweet life ahead of them and I know this first year has been full of beautiful blessings. 

Happy First Anniversary! 



Photography: Brenna Davis-Long, B.Davis Photography

Venue: The Grand Canadian Theatre, Purcell, Okla. 

Videography: Slow Fade Videography 

Floral: Southern Roots Floral