Maternity Session| Zach+Melissa

Little Lukey Dale is about to be a big brother and his momma is about to be a mother of two boys that look and act just like their daddy.

Bless her. ;)

I had the best time getting to see my long lost former co-worker for the first time in a long time. We laughed just like the many hours we spent laughing at the bank. (Sorry Stacy! haha)

Luke kept us on our toes as always. A few years ago I took Luke’s pictures right before Christmas. He was about 3 with the cutest head of blonde hair you ever did see. But, he may have looked cute, but he growled at me. And, I don’t think we have done a single session since then that he hasn’t at least growled at me once or twice.

I am going to just say it is “our thing” and hope he does it for many years to come.

I can’t wait to meet little Liam in a few short weeks AND get to see my friend again!