Senior Photo Tips

As the new school year is QUICKLY approaching, it is time to start thinking about senior photos! (Yes, I can’t believe it is July either and if you are a parent of a senior you are probably thinking go away with your nonsense, Brenna.) But, as fast as the days go now it will be here before we know it.

The task (or nightmare depending on who you ask) of picking out the perfect outfits can be daunting especially if you are extra involved in your high school or have a specific kind of look you want captured. There are so many directions you can go in especially if you want to incorporate all the things… like show animals, cheer uniforms, jerseys, cars, trophies, etc.

A lot of seniors will decide to split it up into two sessions. One during the fall featuring fall activities like sports (football, basketball, softball), maybe some show animals/FFA jacket, and one casual outfit and during the spring do future college tshirt, activities outside of school and things personal to them (like guitar, dance, etc.)

Here are a few tips/things to think about when picking out the perfect outfits for your senior photos no matter when you decide is best to do them!

1. Wear clothes that are YOU! Wear what makes you smile, makes you feel comfortable and what shows your personality the best. If you like the vintage vibe, go for it. If you like the classic vibe, then jeans and a simple shirt are for you. Do what makes you feel at your very best.


2. Accessories can be your best friend in senior photos. One simple outfit can look totally different by adding a jean jacket, letter jacket, throwing on a hat or headband or switching out a scarf. Don’t be afraid to add accessories because it will help add depth and interest into your photos. *But, like everything accessorize in moderation. A little too many accessories will be distracting and confusing!*


3. Find textures and patterns that will add dimension to the photo like cable knit sweaters, corduroy, denim, etc. Plaids incorporating accent colors usually photograph well. Solid shirts are your friends. Don't forget the simplicity of a solid polo or sweater when pairing it with textures or patterns. Solids can break up the texture and patterns of your accent colors.


4. Be a classic senior! Have you ever looked at old photos and thought... "Wow, why did I ever wear this?" I know I certainly have. Therefore, it is smart to keep in mind classic looks. While printed leggings are in style at the moment (depending on who you ask), that doesn't mean they are going to be in style in 2034. Photos are memories that will be remembered forever ... whether you are choosing outfits for senior photos, engagement or family photos, you can never go wrong with classic looks and styles.


5. Don’t forget about your school activities and sports like cheer uniforms, football jersey, instruments, etc. One of my favorite photos from when I was a senior is in my cheer uniform. You can also incorporate basketballs, trophies, metals, etc. to show off your senior style and successes.


I hope these simple ideas gave you some new thoughts or helped alleviate some stress when it comes to picking out senior outfits!

Please let me know if you have any questions about senior photo or want to schedule a summer session before school starts!