Engagement | Roger+Heather

I met Heather and Roger in OKC at Heather's family ranch. We explored the beautiful 250 acres that was formerly the home of Haymaker Farms.

Haymaker Farms was owned by the actor, Dale Robertson, from 1947 to 1986 when it was bought by Heather's grandpa, John Cheek.

I bothered Heather when a million questions about the ranch and history of the ranch, but history like this is so interesting to me. I would have loved to see the place in it hay day!

I did some research about Mr. Robertson and Haymaker Farms when I got home from the session and learned at some points there were more than 250 horses on the property and most of them were Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. Mr. Robertson and his brother, Chet, started the Haymaker Sale, which became the top sales company in the US for Quarter Horses of all ages. The Haymaker Sale sold in 1978 and is now known as Heritage Place Sales in OKC.

Heather and Roger will be married at the ranch THIS WEEK and I am over the moon excited for their big day. I basically already have my spots picked out for bridal photos, where to hang the dress, etc.

These two were such a joy to be around and their love for each other is truly evident.

Thank you for showing me around your "venue!" And, sorry about all the questions! :)