Hi! I am Brenna!

Well, since there has been quite a few new readers and followers recently, I thought I would share a quick little introduction!

I am a wedding and country lifestyle photographer, helicopter dog mom, Drew’s wife, Zac’s sister and Paul and Dee Ann’s daughter. A couple of years ago, I achieved another dream and became a Notary Public. Don’t ask me why, but I always wanted to be a notary! I think I really just wanted the cool embossing stamp, but instead I got a regular ink stamp. Not as good, but I am still super pumped to be a notary!

Ten other things to note:


1. I am growing my hair out again to donate to Wigs for Kids. I am so ready to cut it, but not ready for the commitment of washing it and fixing it everyday if it were short. I think I will let it grow a couple more inches, so that it will be a little longer when I chop it off. Thankfully my hair grows suuuuuper fast! (BTW- it is way way longer than the photo on the right. That is an oldie, but I am hoping my hair will look similar when it is cut!)

2. I love to travel, but I am a serious homebody.

3. My dream is to have an agritourism and wedding venue that employs adults with disabilities.

4. I rearrange something in my house just about daily ... could be a shelf or the entire living room, but something is moved on the daily!

5. I hope to own a 1972 VW Van and 1969 Shasta Trailer one day.

6. I enjoy shopping, but hate spending money. Browsing is my jam.

7. I am not a huge fan of chocolate or ice cream and I hate sweet tea.

8. My husband is 6"5. I am 5' flat IF I am having a big hair day.

9. I love mailing surprises to friends especially when I know they might need a little pick me up!

10. My favorite places to shop are antiques stores, Old Navy and other local spots!

Thanks of stopping by and following a lot I start this new blog! Be sure to comment so I know you were here!