Anniversary Session | Audrey and Jason

It may have been my first ever anniversary session to shoot, but it is my favorite ever! :)

I love these two! You will see why when you look through these photos. I first met Jason and Audrey in 2017 when they booked me for their wedding. We are now on photoshoot number 3 (4 for Audrey) and it literally gets better every time.

They have so much fun together with laughs that are contagious, which I am pretty sure is the exact same thing I said after their engagement shoot.


Audrey and Jason came out to our house in Cushing for their session. I gathered up a bunch of things I have bought over the years to make a little sweetheart table for them. It was so fun to arrange all the things that I spent about 45 minutes in the front trap finding the perfect location for the table and moving all the things around about 100 times, but I finally got it perfect just as they were pulling up!

Thank you Audrey and Jason for trusting me with yet another session! I enjoyed seeing y’all just as much as I enjoyed the session! And, I see y’all September for Mattie and Matt’s BIG day! Can’t wait!

P.S. Jasonβ€” I promise not to tell Mattie what you said about her wedding photos! :) haha