Martin 50th Anniversary Party

“50 years of biscuits and gravy...” was the line Russell kept saying all night. Followed by “and I’m proud of it and us.”

A sweet line from a good ole cowboy that mumbled a cuss word every time Norita told him to “get over here for a picture” during their 50th Anniversary Party. 🧡

The Martin’s had a wonderful day last weekend with a county fairgrounds full of friends and family to help them celebrate the occasion! Norita’s face lit up every time she saw someone new walked through the door and listening to Russell say “ can you believe I have put up with HER for 50 years” never got old because his giggle after he said it was the same as if that was the first time he said it that day.

I have a special place in my heart for this sweet family since they are the family of my best friend and it was so good to see all of Cami’s family again. It has been many moons… okay it actually has only been a couple of years since I saw them all last! But, still!

A special thank you to Desta for inviting me to come to Dewey for the afternoon. I had a ball capturing the day!

Happy Golden Anniversary, Russell and Norita!