Siblings | Clara+Carter

Clara is a bossy pants and Carter is so funny and together they make the sweetest siblings. I have been shooting Clara since she turned 3 and shooting Carter since he turned 2, so it is easy to say we have had some good times together. Like when Clara was obviously taking after her Aunt Lolo and doing Flashdance moves during her 4 year birthday pictures and when Carter tried to run away during his first birthday session. 

Their mom, Shelley, is always posting the funniest things these kids say and do on Facebook and it is also safe to say that her life is never boring nor will it be for many, many years to come. 

When I was looking at old hard drives last weekend, I found some of the early days of Clara and Carter and decided these gems needed to be shared again ... so here are some of my very favorites (which was super hard to pick) of the Gaus siblings! 






We didn't start attempting sibling photos until the last couple of shoots because ... you know. Kids are tricky. But, since we started we have seriously got some of the cutest shots of them! I love their little friendship!