Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Cakes

Most people would say that watching the grooms reaction to the bride walking down the isle is their favorite part of a wedding or even the first dance, but my favorite part is not quite so typical.  

The cake cutting is always my favorite part. I would like to say it is one of those more typical romantic parts of the day, but that would be a lie. 

It may seem like a weird thing to be my favorite, but it really is for many reasons. But, the main reason is the couples interaction. I think you can tell a lot about a couple during the cutting of the cake-- like when the bride gives her groom the "look" and he knows he better not shove that cake all over her and the pure laughter they share because it is always a little awkward with 50+ people watching you feed each other cake. 

I also believe as a photographer you get to see your couple in a really special way during these moments and to see their interactions, laughter and joy is what makes the cake cutting my favorite part. Forever and always. 

And, added bonus-- you get cake afterwards, so there is that too!