Destination Wedding | Lori+Joe

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I got up really (super) early in the morning to catch a plane to Cancun to see two of our favorites get MARRIED in beautiful white sand with blue waters all around us. And, it was perfect! 

We started off the day with a room service breakfast (because what is better than that) before heading down to meet up with Lori and the bridesmaids! The girls had the most chill getting ready morning and was severely spoiled by friends bringing them drinks right to the balcony door while they were getting hair and make-up done. 

It was hot. And, humid. Every time I would go outside I would have to wait about 10 minutes for my camera to adjust to the temps and the humidity. It was annoying, but thankfully not a problem otherwise. 

The resort we stayed at was beautiful and the wedding planner was the nicest lady who helped me navigate around that huge place without getting terribly lost. 

One of the times I did get lost, was when I was trying to find the boys getting ready room. Thankfully I ended up running into Joe and the other groomsmen on my trek around the resort. I actually wasn't paying super close attention to who I was meeting on the sidewalk, but when I heard someone say "Brenna Dee" I knew it was Joe because he is the only one the trip that calls me that! 

While the boys were getting ready, Joe asked me how Lori was doing. I told him that the girls were still working on hair and make-up when I left and someone joked that we are on "Lori time for this ceremony!" Joe looked at me and smiled and said "this is all about her, so Lori time it is!" If I wasn't already a huge Joe fan, I would be now. Literally the sweetest. 

We made our way to the ceremony spot and kicked off our shoes to make our way to the sandy beaches. The wedding planner told the bridesmaids, Lori and Ryan that they could kick off their shoes before crossing the bridge. However, the concrete was HOT. And, poor Ryan had to  high step it across the hot bridge. (I have pictures I will share later!) 

The ceremony was so relaxed and fun. From Ryan raising his hand to give Lori away to Lori saying "say what" to the officiant during the reciting of her vows ... there were many, many laughs shared. 

Thank you Lori and Joe for allowing us to be there to share in your special day! We had so much fun and I LOVED that y'all were my first beach wedding to ever shoot. We are so happy for your little family and can't wait to see where life takes you now! We love you! 

On Sunday morning before we flew out, I met Lori and Joe on the beach for a sunrise day after session! Stay tuned for that blog post coming soon!