Day After Wedding | Lori+Joe

When Lori and I were talking about her beach wedding, I mentioned taking pictures on the beach early one morning... and when she suggested they wear their wedding digs, I really couldn't have been more excited!! 

So, at 6 a.m. on the morning we flew out I rolled out of bed and made my way to the beach.

Oh, did I mentioned that while in Mexico I got an ear infection that started on Friday? Well, I did and by Sunday morning it was much worse and bless Lori and Joe's hearts because I couldn't hear a SINGLE thing out of my right ear. 

I felt like I was screaming the whole time at them because I couldn't tell how loud I was talking. It was so quiet on the beach ... well, pretty quiet after the tractor picking up seaweed passed. 

One thing, I did should note is the amount of seaweed on the beach in the morning. It was crazy. I basically edited it out of every image, but thankfully it was easy peasy. Plus, I got a kick out of saying... "Now you seaweed it... now you don't!" 

I love a good pun ... and these beach pictures!!