Bridal Photos | Kristy Brewer

On a normal wedding day there is always a handful of photos that I see through my camera and instantly think “yep …these are my favorites of the day.”

But, during Kristy’s bridal portrait time I was thinking the entire time there is no way I can pick a favorite of these bad boys! The dress was beautiful. The veil was beautiful. The hair piece was beautiful. But, most of all Kristy was beautiful— inside and out.

I couldn’t contain my excitement of these photos and rushed over to my husband to show him what I had just shot! His reaction was simple. He said “you can just see that she is so happy.”

He was so right. Kristy was literally glowing. I know she has prayed many prayers for her future husband and it was such a joy to see her marry the one that she has been praying for.

If June 22 was any indication of how their life together would be then they are off to a great start!